10 Favorite Cat Products

This is a list of my 10 favorite cat products from toys to treats and litter to music. You’ll find some great things for your furry friends here.

Pet Tunes music for cats is one of my 10 favorite cat products.
  1. Pet Tunes by Pet Accoustics: This is a sturdy metal speaker with pre-loaded music specifically chosen to soothe and calm cats. The company also makes varieties for dogs, birds and horses.
  2. Petstages Purr Cuddle Pillow: This is a super soft toy that makes a purring noise when touched to comfort cats. It’s also a great toy for cats who love to hug and bunny-kick toys.
  3. Yeowww! Catnip Yellow Banana Toy: My cats love, love, love this toy. When it arrives in the mail, my three kitties are on it and trying to rip open the package. The banana shape is perfect for them to hold. The catnip is organic and the fabric is a cotton twill that is colored with soy- and/or vegetable-based dyes that are natural and non-toxic. It is made in the USA.
  4. Petsafe Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain: Cats love running water, so fountains are great for encouraging them to drink more. Healthy drinking helps prevent urinary and kidney diseases. This fountain has a carbon filter that keeps water fresh. It’s easy to clean and the pump can be taken apart to ensure all parts stay sanitary. All parts except the pump and cord are dishwasher safe. Made in the USA.
  5. GoCat Da Bird Toy: This is my cats’ favorite toy. The wand toy has a feather attached with a swivel clip so it spins and sounds like a bird’s wings flapping. Made in the USA.
  6. Bergan Turbo Scratcher: Another popular toy with my cats is the Turbo Scratcher. This toy has a ball on a track for cats to chase and a scratcher in the center. Along with using it for playtime, my cats lay on it like a bed. Made in the USA.
  7. Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Litter: This is an awesome litter for any cat having issues going potty in a litter box. Cat Attractr has herbs in it that cats love. We’ve tested this product in our cat boarding facility by putting it in one of six cat boxes. Every boarding cat used the one with the Cat Attract litter. It also helped my own cat after a urinary tract infection get back to using her box. Made in the USA.
  8. Purrfect Arch Self Grooming & Massaging Cat Toy: Made by Allstar Innovations, the Purrfect Arch gives cats a place to scratch and groom themselves. It helps with shedding and limits hairballs.
  9. Durascoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop: Cleaning a litter box is not the best part of having kitty family members; however, this scoop can make the process a lot easier. The metal scoop is strong and large, making the process quicker and cleaner. Unlike flimsy plastic scoops, this one will last a long time.
  10. Catit Cat Litter Pan with Rim: I’m not sure why, but this is the cat box that my cats prefer. When given a choice between this box and another, they always choose this one. It’s easy to scoop with is rounded bottom and the rim helps keep in the litter in the box.

I hope your cats find my 10 favorite cat products to be as useful and fun as my cats do.

What to expect from your groomer

Getting a great style is one thing to expect from your groomer.People take their dogs and cats to groomers not just to get that perfect style but, more importantly, for their health and wellness. Proper grooming is an essential process and choosing your groomer is not a task to take lightly. Here is what you should expect from your groomer.

When your pet arrives at the groomer, the first task is a really good bath. A professional shampoo is massaged into your pet’s fur, ensuring the coat is thoroughly scrubbed all the way to the skin over the entire dog. I like to use an all natural, tear-free, hypoallergenic shampoo. Rinsing is just as important as the washing to ensure all shampoo is removed.

There are a several options for drying, a forced-air hand dryer made for pets, a non-heated cage dryer or a heated cage dryer. I never use the heated cage dryers because there is a risk of over-heating a pet. The forced-air dryer is a hand-held, strong blower that, in addition to drying the pet, removes a great deal of undercoat and reduces the amount of shedding. Occasionally, we will get a pet that is anxious about the hand-held dryer, so the cage dryer is a better option for them. However, the cage dryer will take longer to dry a pet, so owners may have to allow a little more time for the grooming appointment.

Once the pet is dry, a good groomer will look them over, checking eyes, skin, nails, teeth, ears, nose, and pads on the feet to see if there are any issues that should be reported to the owner. Groomers often may be the first to notice a new lump or growth on an animal or some other health issue that should be seen by a vet. Any such changes on an animal should be reported to the pet’s owner.

Next is the nail trim. The ultimate length for a nail is to be trimmed right where it starts to curve down. However, nails that have gotten overly long have quicks that have lengthened as well. The quick is the blood vessel that runs through each nail. It is painful to cut the quick in the nail, just as it is if a human breaks their fingernail off really short. Groomers should work hard to not cut the quick. Instead, to get the nails shorter, owners may need to have their pet’s nails trimmed more often for awhile as this will help push the quick back in the nail. As a courtesy, groomers at my shop also file nails on dogs that don’t get overly anxious with the process. Filing smoothes the nails and make it less likely for owners to get scratched. To learn more about nail trimming read Dog Nail Trimming, Foot Care.

Ear plucking is necessary for dogs that have hair growing in the ear canals. This hair can block in wax and moisture, increasing the risk of ear infections. Dogs don’t have a lot of nerve endings in their ears, so if done gently, the process is not uncomfortable. An ear powder is used that absorbs moisture and makes the hair easier to pull out. Once done, the ears are cleaned with cotton balls or Q-tips and a pet ear cleaner. My favorite product for this is Burt’s Bees® Ear Cleaner for Dogs.

Double-coated breeds, those whose hair does not continuously grow, get a good brush out to remove all loose undercoat. This reduces the amount of shedding between grooming appointments. Breeds with deep wrinkles such as pugs, English bulldogs, sharpeis, etc., need those wrinkles gently cleaned and dried to prevent skin infections.

Ear cleaning is an important part of the grooming process and definitely what you should expect from your groomer.For breeds with continuously growing hair, the cut and style is next. Part of a groomer’s job is to interpret how an owner would like their pet trimmed and styled. Not all pet owners want the traditional breed trim for their pet. So pet owners should pick a groomer who listens to what they would like and asks questions to ensure they understand. It may take a couple of appointments to get the style just the way the owner wants but with good communication, owners can have the exact style they want.

A quality haircut will be smooth and even, not choppy. The sanitary areas generally are trimmed short to help pets stay clean when urinating or defecating. Hair on the pet’s lips should be trimmed so it does not go into the mouth. All fur around the pet’s eyes should be tidied so it doesn’t go into its eyes causing infections. The hair between the pads of the feet is trimmed so pets don’t slide on hard flooring.

These steps are the basics that every groomer should be providing.

Additional services may include specialty shampoos (i.e. medicated, flea/tick, etc.), massages, facials, painted nails, feather extensions, and hair color.

Knowing what to expect from your groomer will help you choose only the very best for your pets.