Winter Dog Grooming Tips

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Dogs with healthy skin and coats are most prepared for winter’s harsh temperatures. Mats, tangles and dirt can affect how warm your dog stays this season. This makes winter dog grooming exceptionally important.

Winter dog grooming is exceptionally important to help your pet manage snow and harsh temperatures.

A dog uses its fur like insulation, holding in warmth in the winter and cool in the summer. If that coat is matted, tangled or dirty, it can’t do its job. Basic maintenance is important all year round, including bath, brushing/combing, nail trimming, and keeping feet and face tidy.

Dry skin can become a problem for dogs in winter just as it is for humans but this doesn’t mean your dog shouldn’t get regular baths. Using a good, moisturizing shampoo for once-per-month baths can improve dry skin. In addition, regular brushing for both long- and short-haired breeds helps stimulate the natural oils in the skin.

Snow, ice and salt can get stuck to untrimmed dog feet.

Snow, ice and salt can get stuck under long nails and on untrimmed fur on a dog’s feet. The chemicals can cause stomach upset and skin irritation. In addition, nails tend to grow quicker in the winter because of less walking on the sidewalks that help grind down nails. Make sure the hair on your pups feet, especially between the pads is trimmed and tidy, and trim nails every four to six weeks.

If temperatures are low, it never hurts to put a jacket on your pup. However, don’t leave the jacket/sweater on all the time as the fur will mat from the constant rubbing of the cloth. In addition, don’t leave your dog outside for long in cold weather. If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for your dog.

Remember winter dog grooming is an important part of caring for your dog. It helps them manage their temperature in winter’s harsh temperatures and helps them to stay healthy and happy.

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